How should you prepare for what’s next?

Whether you are embarking on the journey to upgrade to Infor HCM Version 11 with Global HR and ALL the great Talent Management components, or taking on the adventures of Infor HCM Version 10 with Global HR and a few components, or stepping up to Infor HCM Version 10 in HRM/S3 for now, how should you proceed?

Are your current data and processes perfect, and you just want them to keep on keeping on in the next release? Or has some data outlived its usefulness?  Could a few or more of your processes perform better? Be more automated?  What new features in this release you are moving to can enhance these processes? And what new features do you want to embrace going forward?

Consider a TEAMabsolute Business Process Calibration!

With our experience and assistance……

  • Scrutinize your current processes for labor intensiveness, pain points, out dated interfaces, and unnecessary custom programming
  • Clean up existing data where needed
  • Evaluate recommendations for streamlining, enhancing, automating, your processes taking advantage of:
    • This release’s new features
    • Features you had access to but have never implemented
    • Automation of processes where practical
    • Updated input and output of data to and from 3rd parties

Remember we are here for you to guide you along this path, with tried and true methods and years of experience.

Questions? Contact Pat Wallace.