Did you know that Effective March 1st, 2019,  Infor plans to stop providing discrepancy corrections and updates for the Lawson Security as Security Token Services (LS as STS) authentication mechanism for providing single sign-on (SSO) services for the Infor Lawson Version 10 solution?

What does this mean for YOU?

Infor is strongly recommending that Infor Lawson 10 customers using LS as STS authentication mechanism switch to Microsoft® Active Directory® Federation Services (AD-FS) for providing single sign-on services to the Infor Lawson 10 solution. 

AD-FS is Infor's standard single sign-on solution across all applicable Infor Lawson applications including Infor Lawson V10 and all applicable Infor CloudSuite solutions. After March 1st, 2019, Infor Lawson customers running the LS as STS authentication mechanism run the risk of encountering issues in their environments that will require switching to Microsoft AD-FS. 

ClearSky knows Infor Lawson Technologies. Servicing Lawson S3 customers for over 21 years from V5 to V11, our Engineers will assist you in making the switch from STS to AD-FS for Ming.le, Landmark, LSF, plus one other platform of your choice for a fixed price of $12,000.00 per domain. Additional applications will be priced at $3,000.00 each. 

Reach out to us today at Sales@ClearSkyERP.com with questions you have regarding the switch. 

Don't wait until the last minute to make the switch!

ClearSky can assist you in making the switch for every domain you have while working with you to ensure your company meets all Lawson Infor Requirements. 

About ClearSky

Originally founded in 1998, ClearSky (previously TEAMabsolute) is a privately held consulting firm based in St. Paul, MN. With close proximity to the Infor Lawson development office, ClearSky has some of the most senior and experienced consultants available, now with the backing of a global corporation. We work had to build a continuous relationship with our clients beyond the scope of our implementation services.