Whether you’re moving to the Infor cloud or hosting your data on premise, having too much data in production can be problematic. LEGACY.S3 is designed to help turn bulky and slowing data structures into lean, mean, portable ones. We do this by splitting your data into a fast running production data source and an archived collection of older records you may not need at your fingertips but still want to be able to access.

LEGACY.S3 is a service provided by TEAMabsolute designed around the original Lawson purge applications. It’s a way of taking your older, less used data and transferring it to a secure secondary location, provided by TEAMabsolute, where it won’t slow down your production system. This can benefit anyone moving to the cloud. Less data means a faster transition. If you aren’t moving to V11 yet, LEGACY.S3 can provide performance enhancements to daily data queries. A query run against a data source that must filter through tens of millions of records is going to take longer than one dealing with a few million or less. Whether you’re stepping up to the cloud or just looking to improve your day to day operations, LEGACY.S3 has proven to be very beneficial.

LEGACY.S3 starts by making a copy of your current production data in a secondary archive location. Once we have two copies of the database we truncate nearly everything from the archive structure. This leaves a clear framework like a scaffold that we can copy old data to without having to worry about things like table structure. Once we have a source (your production database) and a target (the empty archive database), we begin several rounds of copying, purging, and testing. All our scripts are fully customizable, so we can adjust as needed during testing for a final product that meets your needs. This comes in handy if you have specific data areas from which you need to retain more or less data.

Our LEGACY.S3 software is a fully customizable way of ensuring that you have the data you need when you need it without extra bulk slowing you down. It’s a great way to make your transition to V11 easier or speed up production if you aren’t ready to upgrade yet. Our team will work step by step with you to provide a pain-free experience for your organization.