TEAMabsolute’s consultants strive to deepen their technical knowledge of Infor Lawson by taking Infor Training Courses and Certification Programs. Our team is dedicated to learning new programs, processes, and platforms to stay ahead of the curve. Recently, two of our techs ventured to Chicago to complete Infor’s Landmark Developer v10 Certification Program.

Let’s talk with Jordan and Jeremy, our newly certified team members, about this educational experience:

Q: Jeremy, can you please explain what this certification is in more detail?

A: Sure, it’s a relatively new certification offered by Infor. It is based on a combination of knowledge and experience, which is a good way for us to show that Infor has deemed us qualified for development work with the Configuration Console. That is a very broad area when you dive into it, revolving mainly around customizations. There is also a lot that can be done with security with the configuration console. It ranges from hiding a tab or form all the way to giving someone Administrative access. 

Q: Jordan, what was the process to becoming certified?

A: Since I started with TEAMabsolute I have spent hours on Infor campus watching various training videos on everything from administering Lawson security to process flow design. When they first announced the Infor Certifications, I wanted to take the opportunity to expand my skills in the area I knew I would be working in the most, Landmark Development. From there it was just a matter of taking the training courses listed in the exam study guide and reviewing material until I was able to schedule an exam.

Q: Jordan, what was the most beneficial part of attending this course in Chicago?

A: I think being able to take the course with other people who have a different background or skillset was very beneficial. Sometimes you might not think to ask some questions because you haven't encountered them. Having people there with different experiences than myself gave me the chance to hear the answers to questions I wouldn't have thought to ask. It provided me with a more well-rounded perspective.

Q: Jeremy, how are you looking forward to utilizing your newly gained knowledge?

A: I’m looking forward to making some sample templates to show what can really be done with the Configuration Console; it is a very useful tool that a big part of Infor Lawson users are not taking advantage of. For example, instead of searching through four different pages to find the information you need, you have the ability to create new forms that have all the information in one spot for processes. Beyond that, you can also remove or autofill redundant forms and tasks to increase efficiency. Security roles and classes can be granted to individuals or groups as needed to ensure compliance. I look forward to working with the Configuration Console to show clients how to best utilize this tool within their organization.

Q: Jordan, what other Infor Lawson technical experience do you possess? What is your specialty?

A: My main focus has been on our Archive process. I do most of my work in updating and maintaining our Archive process logic. I have also helped develop software to interact between Infor Lawson and third-party software that our clients use. Beyond that I have also helped with customizations and modifications of Infor’s EMSS code.

Q: Jeremy, did you do any exploring while you were in Chicago? If so, what did you see?

A: We went to a Cubs game, had some great Italian food, and some amazing brisket. This was about my 8th time to Chicago so the food is my goal.

To view more information on the Infor Certification Program, click here

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