If you are in search of an extremely efficient way to move to Infor CloudSuite that decreases the time and money it takes to transfer files, look no further. TEAMabsolute has developed Transport.S3, a high-speed file transfer tool, to move your data from on premise to Infor CloudSuite in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

How do we do it?

Transport.S3 harnesses the latest Internet Protocol (IP) technologies to provide a swift and painless process to securely transfer your data over the internet, fast and error free (unlike TCP/IP).  Utilizing the powerful UDP protocol, a small lightweight transport layer on top of IP, you are no longer subject to FTP hijacking and packet losses as UDP sends your data in batches of packets that only the source and target devices can accurately reassemble at the bit level.

If you are interested in transferring secure, error free data over the Internet at 1Gbps (one gigabits per second), contact us today!