Your Community has a lot of people in their families that are exposed to this danger as they do their duties on the front lines of healthcare, fire departments, border patrol, US Customs, EMTs, police, military, grocery, local utilities, and more.

We continue to pray they remain safe and hope they all know how much WorkOutLoud respects and thanks them for what they do.

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Webinar: Lessons learned about business continuity after 2 WFH days

Wednesday, April 15
12:00 - 12:45 PM CT

COVID-19 has flipped our work lives upside down. Kitchen tables and home living rooms now resemble desks and workstations. Kids and home school consume the daytime, while everyday work has moved into odd hours of the night. Video conferencing and flexible hours are the new norms, and employees are more independent than ever before. Many have been challenged by these unforeseen changes. We are thankful at MHC that our employee base could switch to remote support for our customers within a matter of hours given the type of work we do. Some industries are not so fortunate. Read More...

ROI’s Complimentary & Flexible Solutions Available to Help Healthcare Weather the COVID-19 Storm

As we collectively work to weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on healthcare, ROI Healthcare Solutions is offering a flexible suite of complimentary and cost-effective services to hospitals and health systems across the US. The primary areas of focus include services and tools that can be up and running in a matter of days:

  • Backfill & after hours resources (e.g., supply chain buyers, payroll, call center)
  • COVID-19 Analytics
  • Telehealth Deployments
  • Virtual EHR & Telehealth Training (complimentary access)
  • Infor Optimization & Support
  • Virtual Talent Exchange, matching candidates who have been laid off with employers who are hiring


Are You Registered for Digital HIMSS20?

During this time, we all need to share solutions and creative ideas that will save us time, improve the patient experience, and get us through COVID-19 to a long term framework of success. ROI is an exhibitor at the Digital HIMSS20 Event, running from April 6th through June 30th, 2020. ROI’s virtual booth and other materials will be accessible in the Exhibitor Showroom (Exhibitor # 28607). We look forward to “seeing you there.”


Click HERE: FREE Educational Webinars in the Month of April...

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