The allure of offloading the day to day management and support of an of an ERP system such as Infor is very appealing to most organizations. The opportunity to reduce operating costs while also avoiding the complexity of running a data center results in many organizations moving to the cloud.

However, as we discussed in the recent webinar, Preparations for Adopting CloudSuite, many organizations running Infor are still in the planning phase of determining their cloud, and CloudSuite upgrade, strategy.  Whether it be the investments IT has made into the data center or the hesitation to adopt too much change, a cloud migration or immediate adoption of CloudSuite (also known as v11) may be a year, or three, away.  

There are options for organizations to get the benefit of a managed services provider for their Infor application without moving to the cloud. Remote application management services allows organizations to offload the day-to-day management and monitoring of their Infor application while solving skill set gaps, resource, and economic constraints.

Infor applications managed and monitored remotely by an expert third-party services provider offers functional and technical benefits that include:

  1. Reduced costs without disruption, or migration - Stay on your current application version and platform while experiencing rapid deployment of full application functionality without internal IT strain

  2. Functional & Technical specialists in Infor, Kronos and Epic - Immediate, and on-demand, experience minus the hiring and/or training costs

  3. Best practice resolution support - Leverage an on-demand help desk to answer questions like “how do I” and “what would be the best way to accomplish this business task” with specialized Infor service desk experts

Optimize Your Infor, Your Way
You are hearing a lot about the latest Infor version, CloudSuite. While trusted partners know that upgrade packs are yet to be fully available, a complete lift and shift to take advantage of Infor CloudSuite would mean scheduling a change window, and incur minimal disruption to end users while completing. However, you can still optimize your existing Infor environment, lift the strain on your current internal IT team, increase adoption of application functionality, and cut costs with  application services managed remotely by a trusted Infor partner.

Remote resources can be spread across disciplines, come in as an extension to your existing team -- and as such, adhere to service level agreements, leveraging company insights, supporting required Infor modules (at any version level) all at a fraction of your cost. Meanwhile, full-time employees are made available to support, and prioritize, other business initiatives.

Remote management services also enable greater visibility into your application and network, thanks to better monitoring tools, identifying and responding to system incidents often before you realize they are occurring, minimizing any potential impacts before they can occur.

These benefits alone add to your optimized system, and on-demand expert resources are always just a click, or call, away.


Founded in 1975 and located in Atlanta, GA, The Shepherd Center is ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the nation and treats nearly 1,000 inpatients and another 6,600 outpatients annually. The private, not-for profit, 152-bed hospital specializes in the medical treatment, research and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal and chronic pain, and other neuromuscular conditions.

After completing an upgrade to Infor Lawson version 10, The Shepherd Center maintained their application in an on-premise data center. With an already strained IT staff and limited proficiency in various Infor Lawson modules, Jeff Couch, Director of IT, and his team required substantial functional support to triage and solve user matters, accounting for 85% of all tickets, approximately 250 calls per week, nearly 1,000 calls per month.

“With our small IT staff we were only able to provide minimal support for the Lawson system,” says Couch. “With Velocity’s remote managed services, the support for our Lawson users has been greatly enhanced. And we’ve avoided adding one to three full-time employees because of it.”

Velocity’s Remote Application Managed services enabled Couch’s team to manage the capital expense of an on-premise upgrade with advanced remote monitoring and application management, while providing ongoing, unlimited functional and technical support as well as patches to Infor Lawson version 10. “Velocity keeps us up to speed, and with their support of our system we were able to maintain staffing levels as is and even repurpose two full time employees to other mission critical projects,” says Couch.

Couch’s re-purposed employees are now able to address crucial needs supporting Shepherd Center’s EMR and health information management systems. Remote managed services has also enabled Couch to focus on the future of Shepherd Center’s healthcare technology. “Healthcare technology is ever changing, and our team is now fully supported to allocate more resources towards innovation,” says Couch. “I envision that within five years, Shepherd Center will have very few systems still hosted on our premises.”

Learn how you can leverage complete management and monitoring of your Infor application - regardless of where it is located or the version you are running- so you can focus on planning your cloud/upgrade strategy or refocus staff on priority business facing initiatives.