With year-end approaching, our Infor specialists have been fielding many preparation support questions. Velocity’s Infor Support Specialist answers your top questions so you can prepare with ease.

Q: We received an email regarding preparing for the Year-End Process.  Why do we need to do this?

A: Preparing for the Year-End process will help ensure that you have a smooth transition with year-end patches.  It will help ensure that you are able to test the year-end process appropriately when it comes to employee W-2 and 1095C production.   

Q: Why do we need to have a data refresh scheduled and/or performed?

A: Data refreshes take 48 hours to schedule, depending on your environments current status.  We typically performing multiple data refreshes in preparation for year-end for each customer, therefore we recommend you schedule yours early on to have it completed within the timeframe you require.  

Performing a data refresh will ensure:

  • You have the current year’s information available for testing.  Ideally, this is  scheduled between October and November, which ensures that you have the first 3 Quarters of information.
  • Your Development and Production areas are comparably in the same state with patches.
    • If the same patches have been applied to both Development and Production environments, then the process should be a simple one
    • If there are patches that have been applied to Development that required a DB re-org - but these same patches are not Production- you have a mismatch and this needs to be resolved prior to year-end patching occurring
  • That we identify relatively the same issues in both Development and Production when applying the year-end patches to either environment.

Q: Why do we need to create brand new jobs for the programs that we ran last year?

A: As with any Infor patch, it is always highly recommended that you create a new job after the patch has been applied to ensure your job is tying to the new coding.  There have been several instances when a user attempts to run a previously created job with the new update of that job, and it will either fail or not provide the anticipated results because it is tied to the old code.  

Q: How can I tell what version I am on for the Year-End programs?

A: Programs like the PR297, PR298, PR299, BN297, BN299, etc. in the upper right corner of the first tab will show “Rev: PRxxx-yyA”.  

  • The ‘PRxxx’ is the program to which you are accessing, so PR299 would show PR299, BN299 would show BN299, and so on.  
  • The ‘yy’ is the year of the version, so you would see 16 for 2016, 17 for 2017, etc.  
  • The ‘A’ is the version to which you are on for the program, which may show GA, A, B, C, etc.

Karyn Beckjorden, HR Support Consultant, joined Velocity in November 2015 and has been in the HR Support Consultant role during this tenure.  She came to Velocity after 7 years with Infor as a Business Analyst working within the Human Capital Management (HCM) S3 which included designing changes related to Year-End regulatory updates, and serving as a Support Engineer working with Lawson customers with HCM related issues which also included Year-End.