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  • Stay In The Know January 16th
    MHC Software is an official sponsor of the 2017 Infor Winter Showcase. We hope to see you there.
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  • Digital Concourse December 2016 Newsletter
    RPI’s Winter Webinar Series, starts Monday. All week long they’re bringing you 18 new webinars covering a host of Lawson functional and technical topics. Check out their events page to find your favorites and sign up!
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  • Stay In The Know November 28th 🌲 ❄ ⛄
    As the cold and snow sets in over RPI HQ in Baltimore, the webinar crew is packing up and heading to the Tampa offices to bring you the best in informative talks for the holiday season. We hope you’ll join us as our functional and technical experts serve up some holiday treats. Read more to view the webinars and register!
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  • Stay In The Know November 21st 🍁🌻🐔
    Planning to upgrade to the most current version of Infor, including the migration of your Business Intelligence solutions? Dashboard Gear’s Content Solution Packs support all versions of Infor. Dashboard Gear's data model easily transfers from Versions 9 & 10 to Version 11. You can build reports, dashboards and analytics now, in any Infor version, and easily migrate them to any higher Infor version. Email Dashboard Gear at info@dashboardgear.com for more information. Please visit our website at www.dashboardgear.com. Follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/Dashboardgear.
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