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  • The Deployment Strategy for Infor Government Essentials
    Last week, we discussed the fact that a cloud migration is not an upgrade, but rather a reimplementation. If you treat it as a straight push to the ne...
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  • A Cloud Migration is not an Upgrade, It's a Re-Implementation
    When it comes to the Infor solution perspective for Essentials, there are certain things you'll want to take advantage of, or at the very least consid...
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  • Combatting Change Management Resistance in the Public Sector
    When it comes to ERP implementations, we've seen organizations struggle with more than anything is the whole change management piece. It is human natu...
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  • Flexibility is the Key for a Successful ERP Implementation
    We spoke last week about ensuring your critical business processes are not interrupted during an ERP implementation. That is information we make clear...
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  • Ensuring your Critical Business Processes Continue throughout an ERP Implementation
    Last week, we spoke about the importance of backfilling key personnel in the preparation phase of an implementation phase. We have both seen clients b...
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  • The Evolution of ERP and The Future of Applications
    The Origins of ERP Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) systems were created to solve a series of problems organizations had 25 – 30 years ago, m...
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  • How to Prepare for an ERP Implementation Without Impacting Daily Processes
    Early on in an ERP implementation for the public sector, it's important to consider three things about the team: quality, quantity, and availability o...
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  • Active Executive Sponsorship & Proper Resource Assignment: Keys to a Successful ERP Project
    When comparing on premises and cloud implementation in terms of success criteria, the biggest criteria time & time again is executive leadership and s...
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  • Supporting Customers in the New ERP Landscape
    If you can't already tell, we really love to discuss the recent evolution of ERP and its technology. As a delivery organization, something we're const...
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  • How Does the Cloud Increase Vendor Efficiency?
    We've been talking a lot about feature functionality, so let’s shift gears a little bit. One of the things that's the major advantage of the cloud and...
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  • The Constant Evolution of a Cloud-Based ERP System
    We've discussed a lot around the Infor Government Essentials packaging for public sector and its streamlined implementation approach. The program itse...
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  • Adding Value Outside of the Core ERP System
    Last week, we covered how you can add value to the core system delivered with the Infor Government Essentials program. For a public sector entity, the...
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  • The Core of the Infor Government Essentials Program
    We have already introduced you to the Infor Government Essentials program and discussed how it encompasses the core scope of an ERP project. We’re goi...
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  • How to Approach an ERP Implementation from a Delivery Perspective
    Last week, we introduced you to the 60/30/10 concept for implementing ERP systems. Let’s move on to how to approach this project from a delivery stand...
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  • The 60/30/10 Approach to ERP for the Public Sector
    ERP systems for the public sector have come a long way in the past two decades, so let’s go over some of the improvements that have been made. If you ...
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  • The Scope of an ERP Project
    Everything we’ve been discussing throughout this series goes back to the scope of the ERP. The scope of the ERP is best defined through the strategic ...
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  • The Importance of Good Project Governance & Management
    One of the most challenging components of an ERP implementation project is project governance. While this aspect starts with the project management, i...
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  • GHR Reporting Capabilities in the Public Sector
    In general, Infor has incredible reporting capabilities. While a multitude of reports are actually delivered within the system, it also has the capabi...
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