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  • Why You Need Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Portal
    In this video with ROI's Diana Van Blaricom and Carol Mortimer, you'll discover how healthcare organizations can save money and streamline their procu...
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  • The Problem With Supply Chain Spend Reporting
    We’ve all gotten the request before…. What was our spend on item 11111 last year? Where do you go to provide them the data behind the request...
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  • RQC Config, say what?! #SupplyChainWeek
    Did you know RQC has a configuration file that controls additional global settings outside of IC01, RQ04, etc.? It’s true! The RQC config file has...
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  • Coding to the Inventory Account… from AP! #SupplyChainWeek
    It happens way more often than organizations realize. Invoices get coded directly to the inventory account – which is no Bueno when we are talking a...
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