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    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The first year of required reporting will be for the 2015 year and it will need to be completed in the first quarter of 2016. Applicable Large Employers (ALE) that have 50 or more full-time employees will have annual reporting responsibilities concerning whether and what health insurance they offered to their full-time employees. Infor has released an HRM Affordable Care Act Solution for HRM customers that will provide the programs necessary to gather and track the additional information that is required to be reported to the IRS and employees. The intention of this group is to serve as a resource and provide a communication tool for collaboration among the Infor customers that are implementing the new solution.
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    Business Software, Inc.
    Business Software, Inc. (BSI) is a leading provider of U.S. payroll tax profile, tax location, tax onboarding, tax calculation, tax deposit, tax filing, W-4, Year-End, and wage attachment solutions in the cloud. Leveraging over 40 years of experience, BSI offers the most comprehensive and complete solutions in the industry. As one of the earliest adopters of SaaS technology, BSI offers bundled suites, collectively containing a large number of individual applications that our customers use to process more than half billion transitions annually. Thousands of organizations use BSI solutions in their payroll management processes.
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    Dashboard Gear
    Dashboard Gear specializes in reporting and analytic solutions for the Infor & Kronos marketplace. We currently offer Infor Financial, Supply Chain, and Human Resources, and Kronos Human Resources and timesheet history & scheduling, reporting data mart & analytics solutions that simplify the reporting process, significantly reducing the time it takes to create reports, analytics and dashboards with Infor & Kronos data. Whether you are using Infor BI, LBI, Business Objects, Cognos, Excel, or any other Business Intelligence (BI) tool, our solutions unlock the full potential of your Infor and/or Kronos investment.
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    Great Lakes User Group
    If you are an Infor customer using the Infor products and work in the Great Lakes region, you are welcome to join the Great Lakes User Group (GLUG) for interaction with other users, education in how to better use the software, and an opportunity to be kept abreast of enhancements and changes to the products. The meetings are generally held twice a year in the suburban Chicago area and are usually only one-day meetings on Fridays so you can come to the meetings and then spend the rest of the weekend exploring the many activities Chicago has to offer.
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    Infor CloudSuite
    Infor CloudSuite is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global cloud hosting leader whose singular expertise and highly-secure infrastructure provide unparalleled protection and reliability.
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    Infor Education
    Infor Education
  • MUG,IPA,User Groups,Human Capital Management,Financial Management,Just For Fun,Regulatory Enhancement Request
    Infor Mid-Atlantic User Group
    The mission for the Infor Mid-Atlantic User Group is to bring together persons who use and support Infor Software applications within the states of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia and to provide a platform to promote and exchange concepts and techniques concerning use of all Infor Software products.
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    Infor Mid-South User Group
    The Infor Mid-South User Group, formerly known as the Tennessee Lawson User Group, is an organization, independent of Infor Lawson Software, dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the use of all Infor Software products.
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    Infor Midwest User Group
    The Infor Midwest User Group (IMUG) is an organization dedicated to provide opportunities for Infor/Lawson Software clients to exchange ideas, strategies and experiences; to enhance user understanding of Infor/Lawson products, services, future direction and third party business partners; to consolidate and communicate priorities and enhancements and software fixes to Infor/Lawson; and to partner with Infor/Lawson in developing a vision for the software. The Infor Midwest User Group (IMUG) is an independently run organization, not managed by Infor/Lawson Software. Geographically, the IMUG represents the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.
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    Infor Technology
    Infor Technology
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    InforUsers Announcements
    Announcements from Digital Concourse - This is an Auto Followed group to ensure that important Digital Concourse communications can be delivered effectively.
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    Keystone Lawson User Group
    The Keystone Lawson Users Group (KLUG) is an independent, member-led group that provides a forum to collaborate with other Infor/Lawson users and subject matter experts. KLUG partners with Infor/Lawson as well as industry leaders in consulting and technology solutions to educate, inspire and implement solutions to common business problems. Meetings are held bi-annually and provide members with insight into hot and trending products, tools and technology related to the Infor/Lawson systems.
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    Kinsey is a full-service solution provider of application software and consulting services. Since 1983 the company has specialized in application implementation and integration with an emphasis on traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Kinsey has been a certified INFOR/Lawson partner since 1997 and has twice been recognized by Lawson as “Partner of the Year”. As a INFOR Development Partner since 2007 Kinsey has developed software solutions to address ERP security and auditing compliance challenges. Combining our tools with a streamlined implementation methodology, the company regularly delivers implementations of security solutions at a fraction of the cost of larger and more process-bound service providers. All technical consultants are trained and certified by Infor/Lawson, and on-site training builds on standard Lawson training deliverables.
  • LGC,Human Capital Management,Financial Management,Just For Fun
    Local Government Community
    Welcome to the Local Government Community! The LGC is a Lawson User group specifically for government users. Our focus is to provide a professional support network for Local Governments who use Lawson software by providing a forum to learn more about Lawson products, application best practices, functionality and other related products and services. Through LGC you can network with other government users, participate in group conference calls, online webinars, and share information relevant to the public sector.
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    RPI Consultants
    At RPI, we seek to form mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We solve specific business problems through strategic intervention when and where needed, without requiring long-term commitments from our clients. Our team-based approach allows us to leverage the best resources on a task-by-task basis, never parking a consultant on-site to wait for something to do. We work with our clients to identify cost-effective options such as remote work to minimize travel and downtime costs, cutting-edge technologies to reduce unnecessary effort, and internal specialists that more efficiently complete skill-specific tasks. We pride ourselves in providing clients with the most bang for the buck. Our refreshing approach delivers results on time, under budget, and right the first time.
  • Human Capital Management,Financial Management,Just For Fun
    RPI Consultants Team
    RPI Consultants Team