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    Bails, a Lawson Software Service Partner and Strategic Alliance Partner, provides seasoned, certified service consultants with a multitude of talents, abilities, and experience among diverse industries. Our service personnel provide support to project teams with training, product expertise, product planning, programming, system administration, and an assortment of other areas.
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    Business Software, Inc.
    Business Software, Inc. (BSI) is a leading provider of U.S. payroll tax profile, tax location, tax onboarding, tax calculation, tax deposit, tax filing, W-4, Year-End, and wage attachment solutions in the cloud. Leveraging nearly 40 years of experience, BSI offers the most comprehensive and complete solutions in the industry. As one of the earliest adopters of SaaS technology, BSI offers bundled suites, collectively containing a large number of individual applications that our customers use to process more than half billion transitions annually. Thousands of organizations use BSI solutions in their payroll management processes.
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    Carolinas User Exchange
    Carolinas User Exchange The Carolinas Users Exchange is an organization, independent of Infor, dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the use of all Infor/Lawson Software products.
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    Central Plains Infor User Group
    Welcome to the CPIUG Web Site! The Central Plains Infor User Group is an organization independent of Infor Software, dedicated to maximizing the benefits from the use of Infor/Lawson Software Products. Our mission is to: NETWORK-Provide opportunities for Infor/Lawson clients to exchange ideas, strategies and experiences. TRAIN-Enhance user understanding of Infor/Lawson's products, future direction and third party business partners. COMMUNICATE-Provide special interest focus groups to present, prioritize, consolidate issues, recommend enhancements and software fixes, and to improve customer service to User Group Representatives. IMPACT-Partner with Lawson in developing Infor/Lawson's long-term direction. REPRESENT-Provide representatives to meet with the Lawson Global User Group to communicate priorities for enhancements, software fixes, customer service and assorted issues.
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    Dashboard Gear
    Dashboard Gear specializes in reporting and analytic solutions for the Infor & Kronos marketplace. We currently offer Infor Financial, Supply Chain, and Human Resources, and Kronos Human Resources and timesheet history & scheduling, reporting data mart & analytics solutions that simplify the reporting process, significantly reducing the time it takes to create reports, analytics and dashboards with Infor & Kronos data. Whether you are using Infor BI, LBI, Business Objects, Cognos, Excel, or any other Business Intelligence (BI) tool, our solutions unlock the full potential of your Infor and/or Kronos investment.
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    Georgia Alabama User Group
    The mission for GALUG is to bring together persons who use and support Lawson Software applications within the states of Alabama and Georgia and to provide a platform to promote and exchange concepts and techniques concerning use of all Lawson Software products.
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    Great Lakes User Group
    If you are an Infor customer using the Infor products and work in the Great Lakes region, you are welcome to join the Great Lakes User Group (GLUG) for interaction with other users, education in how to better use the software, and an opportunity to be kept abreast of enhancements and changes to the products. The meetings are generally held twice a year in the suburban Chicago area and are usually only one-day meetings on Fridays so you can come to the meetings and then spend the rest of the weekend exploring the many activities Chicago has to offer.
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    Infor Canadian Exchange
    The mission for Infor Canadian Exchange is to bring together persons who use and support Infor Software applications within Canada and to provide a platform to promote and exchange concepts and techniques concerning use of all Infor Software products.
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    Infor Florida User Group (IFUG)
    The Infor Florida User Group is an organization, independent of Infor/Lawson Software, dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the use of all Infor/Lawson Software products. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for effective communication of information between clients and Infor/Lawson to provide networking opportunities and the exchange of ideas and strategies among users, to enhance user understanding of Infor/Lawson products, services, and related technologies, third party business partners, and future direction, and to allow direct client feedback relative to Infor/Lawson's suite of offerings.
  • MRLUG,IPA,User Groups
    Infor Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group
    MRLUG (Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group) provides a quality independent forum for Lawson users by coordinating educational meetings & networking within the NY, NJ, CT, PA area. We promote exchanging questions, ideas, solutions and information within the entire Lawson community that result in measurable process and product improvement. #MRLUG #IMRLUG
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    Infor Mid-Atlantic User Group
    The mission for the Infor Mid-Atlantic User Group is to bring together persons who use and support Infor Software applications within the states of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia and to provide a platform to promote and exchange concepts and techniques concerning use of all Infor Software products.
  • ROMLUG,Human Capital Management,Financial Management,Just For Fun,Regulatory Enhancement Request,IPA,User Groups
    Infor Rocky Mountain User Group
    We are an organization established to serve customers of Infor Rocky Mountain User Group Region (and neighbors). Our mission is to enhance Infor knowledge for all IRMUG members. We accomplish this by networking, sharing issues and solutions, and bringing in experts to demonstrate useful tools and techniques.
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    Infor State, Local & Tribal Government User Group - SLTG
    Infor State, Local & Tribal Government User Group - SLTG Supporting a government’s information needs is distinctly different from those required in a corporate setting. While corporations include a handful of lines of business, a government’s lines of business are many and diverse. Governments provide police protection, fire protection, public works, utility services, community development, economic development, parks and recreation, public health…the list goes on and on. As an Infor user and a member of a government organization, please join the new Infor State, Local, and Tribal Government User Group. This group will offer support specifically tailored to challenges of government organizations. Visit the Infor Customer Communities site to register. As a member you will have access to webinars, presentation materials, discussion threads, and announcements all specifically targeted to State, Local, and Tribal Government concerns.
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    InforUsers Announcements
    Announcements from Digital Concourse - This is an Auto Followed group to ensure that important Digital Concourse communications can be delivered effectively.
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    Intermountain User Group
    Welcome all Intermountain Infor Lawson users! Please join us in sharing information on how to best utilize Infor software in support of critical business practices, networking with fellow Infor experts, and taking advantage of the expertise of Infor's business partners.
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    Job Post
    Are you looking for a job or want to post a NEW position?
  • KMLUG,IPA,User Groups,Regulatory Enhancement Request
    Kansas Missouri Lawson User Group
    Kansas Missouri Lawson User Group K eep M oving L earning U niting G rowing with KMLUG! Why does the Kansas Missouri Lawson Users Group Exist? To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between Lawson Software clients, resulting in the identification of current best practices and recommended product application enhancements.
  • KLUG,Just For Fun,Financial Management,Supply Chain,Human Resources,Human Capital Management,Technology,User Groups,IPA,Regulatory Enhancement Request
    Keystone Lawson User Group
    The Keystone Lawson Users Group (KLUG) is an independent, member-led group that provides a forum to collaborate with other Infor/Lawson users and subject matter experts. KLUG partners with Infor/Lawson as well as industry leaders in consulting and technology solutions to educate, inspire and implement solutions to common business problems. Meetings are held bi-annually and provide members with insight into hot and trending products, tools and technology related to the Infor/Lawson systems.
  • Kinsey,Just For Fun,Financial Management,Human Capital Management,User Groups,IPA,Public Sector,Sponsor,Digital Concourse,InforPartner,Regulatory Enhancement Request
    Kinsey is a full-service solution provider of application software and consulting services. The company specializes in application implementation and integration with an emphasis on traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and, since 1983 has provided clients a broad range of expertise in the areas of financials, procurement, human resources, payroll, budgeting, planning, distribution, manufacturing, security, process automation and custom development. System consultants and application experts consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.
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    MHC Software
    MHC Software's integrated solutions keep Infor CloudSuite and Infor Lawson standard and include customized document output, bank interface, document imaging, OCR, workflow, web forms, and self-service solutions. An Infor Complementary partner, MHC is known for dedication to helping customers succeed.
  • LMAUG,IPA,User Groups,Regulatory Enhancement Request
    Mid-America User Group
    Welcome to the Mid-America Lawson User Group Web Site! Serving Lawson customers in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Western PA. If your organization would like to host an upcoming user group meeting or you have topic/session ideas, please email Amanda Gibson. We are always looking for meeting locations and topic/session ideas and welcome your input!
  • MWLUG,IPA,User Groups,Human Capital Management,Financial Management,Just For Fun
    Midwest Lawson User Group
    The Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG) is an organization dedicated to provide opportunities for Lawson Software clients to exchange ideas, strategies and experiences; to enhance user understanding of Lawson products, services, future direction and third party business partners; to consolidate and communicate priorities and enhancements and software fixes to Lawson; and to partner with Lawson in developing a vision for the software. The Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG) is an independently run organization, not managed by Lawson Software. Geographically, the MWLUG represents the states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Western Wisconsin.
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    Northeast Lawson User Group
    NELUG, the Northeast Lawson User Group, is an organization supported by, but independent of Lawson Software, dedicated to maximizing the benefits and experience of using Lawson Software and related third party products.
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    ROI Healthcare Solutions
    ROI Healthcare Solutions drives success and tangible business benefits across finance, supply management, HR, and IT through all versions of Infor ERP and Birst. ROI is unique in the services market because of their deep experience, spanning across Infor ERP solutions, the healthcare provider industry, and associated business operations. The foundation of proactive and thorough project management services contributed to ROI’s positive reputation since it was founded in 1999. ROI delivers the following services: advisory & optimization, implementation, staffing, and support services, driving clinical, financial and operational success. ROI Consultants possess 10-15+ years of experience in their respective areas of expertise, contributing to a strong culture of quality, results, passion, and teamwork. Project results include such benefits as: process automation, successful implementations, self-sufficiency and adoption across users, cost savings, and process/technology alignment. ROI is the KLAS Category Leader for Business Solutions Implementation Services, based on their Infor services work. Customer references are positive with a theme of shoulder to shoulder collaboration, on-time, on-budget delivery, and long-term success. Client Quote: "ROI Healthcare Solutions provides top-notch service. Their people are trusted advisers and continue to exceed our expectations." (Director, October 2017) Specifically within ROI's ERP Practice, common engagements that fall within core capabilities include: CloudSuite Financials, Supply Management, and HCM Readiness, Planning, Implementation, and Integration, based on hands-on experience Infor ERP Optimization from legacy versions/modules Supply Management Efficiency through EDI Health Checks and Remediations Process and System Assessments across Back-office Operations ROI has been recently recognized by several credible organizations: Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work in Healthcare. #1 Category Leader for Business Solutions Implementation Services by KLAS Research with a score of 95.3 Infor CloudSuite, Hospital & Healthcare, as well as Extended Care specializations
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    RPI Consultants
    At RPI, we seek to form mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We solve specific business problems through strategic intervention when and where needed, without requiring long-term commitments from our clients. Our team-based approach allows us to leverage the best resources on a task-by-task basis, never parking a consultant on-site to wait for something to do. We work with our clients to identify cost-effective options such as remote work to minimize travel and downtime costs, cutting-edge technologies to reduce unnecessary effort, and internal specialists that more efficiently complete skill-specific tasks. We pride ourselves in providing clients with the most bang for the buck. Our refreshing approach delivers results on time, under budget, and right the first time.
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    Southeast Mega User Group
    Southeast Mega Meeting
  • SWUG,IPA,User Groups,Regulatory Enhancement Request
    Southwest User Group
    Welcome to the Southwest Infor User Group (SWUG) Web Site! The SouthWest Infor User Group is comprised of users of Infor Software products. This site is used to communicate our activities to our members as well as the general internet public as related to Infor Software products.
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    Velocity Technology Solutions
    Velocity Technology Solutions (www.VelocityCloud.com), a global enterprise application cloud services leader since 2003, delivers secure, fully managed environments spanning virtual private, public and hybrid clouds. The company portfolio includes application-focused cloud managed services, professional services, with data analytics and optimization solutions. Velocity™s expertise in managing leading ERP applications, leveraging the patent pending Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform, gives customers required availability, security, visibility and control at a reduced total cost of ownership. Velocity is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Velocity is a portfolio company of Silver Lake Sumeru, a global leader with private equity investments in leading, growth-oriented technology companies. For additional information on the firm and its entire portfolio, visit www.silverlake.com.
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    WorkOutLoud Community
    WorkOutLoud Community is a place where our Administrators have an opportunity to share ideas and find answers from other WOL users.
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    Zebra (NASDAQ: ZBRA) provides market-leading handheld mobile computers, scanners, barcode printers, and location solutions. Zebra is the leader in supply chain and has over 300 healthcare-specialized products. Emkat, a Zebra partner has served as the Infor/Lawson’s exclusive hardware partner for nearly 10 years and are experts in determining the right solution for your MSCM projects. Emkat technical support teams’ collaboration with Infor and intimate knowledge of the Lawson MSCM software and their expertise goes unparalleled. Together Zebras fit for purpose devices and Emkats intimate knowledge of both Lawson MSCM software and Zebra hardware ensure the best user experience possible. Supply chains are changing. Legacy mobile computers and operating systems can't keep pace with increasing demands and complexity. Now is the time to modernize for the future with Android. Contact us for the latest loaner mobile computers, printers, and scanners that have been tested to work with your application.