The move from S3 to TM will impact your organization, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Historical data will remain S3 and reside on version 10 for inquiry purposes. Payroll will also remain S3 (for now) and HCM will feed what it needs to your payroll through delivered interfaces powered by Infor Process Automation. Version 11 of Human Capital Management gives you the opportunity to start fresh, explore, and take advantage of the abundant enhancements within the Global HR and Talent Management Application.

You don’t lose anything when moving from V10 to V11 because Infor has just renamed things with which you are already familiar: Personnel Actions > Action Requests, Leave Planning > Absence Management, Benefits > Benefits Management, Time Entry > Enhanced Time Entry. In fact, you can take advantage of new functionality within Global HR. Position Budget Management, Occupational Health, Employee Safety, and On/Off Boarding can be utilized to increase your HCM efficiency. You may even consider implementing these applications with a phased approach and turn things on/off when you are ready. It’s up to your organization!

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