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Jerry Friedman
about 2 Months ago
Latest reply on: 06/24/2019 by: Carol Sanguinetti, Msg: There is no approval process of Recurring Journal entries. The approval process is when the Recurring Journal becomes a JE and goes through the stand...
Barbara Thompson
about 28 Days ago
Latest reply on: 06/21/2019 by: Molly Velasco, Msg: Hi Barbara, if you let me know your question - I should be able to get you an answer. I'm assuming it has something to do with CA employees having to...
Carla Ferrari
about 1 Month ago
Latest reply on: 05/31/2019 by: Carla Ferrari, Msg: Thank you everyone who endorsed this ER. We have 6 endorsements and need 4 more. Today is the last day to vote!
Topic posted in Group: Infor Florida User Group
Victoria Dalton
about 5 Months ago
Latest reply on: 04/27/2019 by: Eric Lopez, Msg: Thanks for participating Kat & Carol!
Topic posted in Group: Southeast Mega User Group

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Southeast Mega User Group
Here is a recap of our wonderful experience at the Southeast User Group Meeting 2019 in Orlando. #managed #business #marketing #technology #videos #leadershi...
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