Those currently on a UNIX/DB2, UNIX/Oracle, iSeries/DB2, Windows/DB2, or Windows/Oracle database should consider switching to Windows/SQL, the platform of Infor CloudSuite. TEAMabsolute has developed MIGRATE.S3, a powerful diagnostic and migration tool, to reliably migrate your Lawson Application Data in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. MIGRATE.S3 is unique because it is built upon the meta-data of Lawson Applications to ensure the results meet the requirements of Lawson Application Data definition characteristics. Modernizing your Infor Lawson system will both set you up for the future as well as focus your time and energy on more meaningful tasks.

Don’t just take our word for it; this innovative tool has been sanctioned by Infor Development. Migrate your data on premise or to the cloud while staying 100% Lawson compliant. We've achieved this task in 3.5 hours - something that used to take 19 hours! MIGRATE.S3 is guaranteed to increase the efficiency of your next upgrade.

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