It has been 3 years since Infor first announced Infor Xi, the technology platform in which all future Infor products will be built and deployed. It differentiated itself from its major industry competitors by banking on three pillars of technological mantra - focus on cloud, mobile-centric computing, and AI is the future. Infor's roster of tools and applications were slowly and steadily ported to Infor Xi, all the while still providing support and continuous development for their existing customers using older and/or legacy products.

Fast forward 2017, and Infor Xi has matured to what is now called Infor OS. Building on the above-mentioned pillars, the platform has grown to a more comprehensive digital transformation tool. Through Infor OS, Infor has introduced a seamless and robust enterprise ecosystem in a beautifully delivered package. Infor's user and design-centric strategy made way for a strategic foundation, with a focus on a now grown-up A.I., Analytics, Commerce & IoT, Cloud, and Last-mile features.

In a world where data is the newly-crowned king, and disruptive technologies blur the once level playing field, being agile and constantly up-to-date has become imperative and not just optional. This is where Infor presents a solid value proposition with the Infor OS.

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