There are 4 key areas to consider when making the move to GHR:

  1. Organizational Structure
    • How many levels do you really wish you had, besides Company, Process Level, and Department?
    • Where do these levels fit, above, below, in-between?
  2. Manager Structure
    • Do you have several managers for certain groups of people?
    • Do you have managers with more than one area of responsibility? Do they wear “multiple hats”?
  3. Jobs and Positions
    • Are your jobs and positions one-to-one?
    • Do you have multiple positions per job?
    • Do you have a combination of each of these scenarios?
  4. Resources
    • Who do you want to keep track of in your system? 
      • Employees
      • Contractors
      • Volunteers
      • Seasonal Employees
      • Board Members
    • How much information do you have for each of these?

Take some time BEFORE you jump in to your GHR implementation. Think these through and take advantage of the features available to you to make the Infor/Lawson Human Capital Management System YOUR SYSTEM. Do what you want with the information you want to use in a structure built the way you want it. 

Remember we are here to guide you along this path, with tried and true methods and years of experience. Contact with questions.