If you want to be the best at your job and impress your boss more than anyone else, take notes! Here are a few points as to how taking notes can advance your career.

Impress your coworkers:

In an office setting, it will be helpful to take notes in an electronic format so you can have easy access to your notes at a later date without having to ask a coworker for the information. You will also be a resource for others by having the information that coworkers may have forgotten to take down. Having notes to refer to can actually help build relations in the workplace, encouraging collaboration between coworkers and departments. It can also help when questions come into play over responsibility – by documenting things the first time, you can be sure to avoid wrongful blame or repeating unnecessary work.

Impress your boss:

There is nothing worse than sitting in a meeting and asking the same question twice. By taking notes, you can review was has been asked and answered, and avoid the embarrassing looks from coworkers and the frustration from a boss. You taking notes may also come in handy for others, like your boss. These are some of the simple things that are not indicated in your recommendation or resume, but that will greatly influence your boss’s attitude toward you as a competent employee. He or she will notice and come to consider you the reliable one. Taking notes shows that you have a commitment to your job, and the company, which will be remembered when it comes time for promotions. Taking notes will separate you from the other workers as you take proactive steps to secure your position within the company.

Impress your clients:

In addition to your boss, a client will feel valued as well if he or she sees you are putting in the extra time to take notes during their presentation or meeting. Your professionalism comes through more than anything else and you will be the one that stands out among the others.