Happy New Year Digital Concourse Community!

After a highly successful 2016 we are looking forward to an even better year in 2017.

2016 Highlights

  • 33 effective User Group Meetings
  • 140% increase in new users within Digital Concourse
  • Over 80 educational webinars

Digital Concourse Community Growth

Why Visit Digital Concourse?

  1. It is the largest independent Infor community ran by customers and partners
  2. Educational webinars provided by certified Infor Partners
  3. Provides resources to solve your Infor challenges

Member Analytics

Take a look at the public analytics and connect with those similar to you!

  • 78% of users are Infor Customers
  • 65% of users are in the Healthcare Industry
  • 24 User Groups identified within Digital Concourse

Digital Concourse Business Partners

Thank you to our business partners for your continued support!

Interested in becoming a Digital Concourse Business Partner? Contact Claire Florin directly for more information. claire.florin@workoutloud.com