Nowadays more and more students try to have time for all their occupations. But it’s not always possible to combine studying, work and family obligations.

Even if you consider yourself to be successful, you may often not plan your week or day. Learn to organize carefully your routine. The correct strategy deprives you of the question “When can I do my assignment?”. So, follow the advice to learn to manage your time properly.

Use a Planer or a Calendar

Buy or create a planner to write down your schedule. In addition, mark some significant dates in a calendar. It will be your monthly plan. In such a way you don’t forget about events and even deadlines. In modern times you can easily use your smartphone to do it. Just find an app on the Internet and make your life easier. You have always all your plans in your hand. Moreover, you can correct this information or add something at any moment. Your device will constantly remind you about the necessary things. That's convenient, isn’t it?

Plan Your Week

In order not to forget about your deals, plan your next week each Sunday. Use the information from your monthly schedule. Don’t forget to update it. Write down all the activities you’re about to do for a week. Make notices of time for each project, assignment, extra-curricular activity. Don’t leave your work for the last moment. It will be far superior to do something a little bit every day. You will not worry about the deadline. However, don’t forget to make time for yourself and self-improvement.

Plan Your Every Day

It is not always enough to have a weekly schedule. You should create a daily plan to manage your time effectively. Every evening make some time for planning the next day. Think of the things you have to do and write them down. Choose from your weekly plan the things you need to do the following day. Actually, it’s better to start from the most difficult work to an easier one. If you don’t have time for a particular case at all, add these activities for tomorrow, for instance. Mark your term aims when you have done them.

So, if you’ve already your monthly, weekly and daily plans, think about other aspects that help you to manage your time.

  • The prioritization. At first, do the most significant or complex tasks. When you’re full of energy, you think better and cope with your assignment faster. By the way, an easier job takes you less time in any case, so do it later.

  • A study place. Is it comfortable to learn something in a mess? It’s obvious that no. Arrange your workspace in such a way you are pleasant to be in. You should focus on your work, so nothing may disturb you.

  • Work with other students. If a task is huge and difficult, why not share it with other students? Two heads are better than one. It may take less time for you to do your assignment, so you’ll have time for other work.

  • Divide your time into a block. You may in no casework without a break. It’s better to have work around 40-50 minutes and then make a pause. Make some exercises, walk around, have lunch, for example. In this manner, you don’t get tired so fast.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. At first, this advice may seem annoyed. But better you feel more work you can do. Eat regularly, sleep enough, do sports. You will be chipper and happy. So, you’ll be able to have a bright head and attentively organize your time.

  • Be adaptable. You’re not able to predict and plan everything. Learn to change your plans without any loss and troubles. Try to get back on your way and follow your schedule.


Make sure, you can have time for everything. Just don’t be lazy and start to make schedules for your activities and tasks. When you learn to do it, you will admit that you can even have free time and entertain. So, managing your study time is an important ability in modern society. Everyone wants to achieve success. That exactly begins with your organization.