I read an intriguing article recently by McKinsey & Co about the current state of IT.  

Their authors concluded that, "the cloud debate is over." I couldn’t agree more!

In fact, my conversations with customers and prospects confirm this on a daily basis. What I’m experiencing is this:  I don't know of a single corporate entity that doesn't have a hybrid cloud environment of some sort, with an eye on how to further leverage the economics, simplicity, and flexibility of the cloud consumption model.

The factors of cloud adoption are well known—a significant cost advantage, better security, and improved scaling. Less well known—and now becoming a more important factor—are quality of service and time to value. These factors resonate with business leaders as markets move increasingly faster. Agility and speed are paramount. Enabling those, moving workloads quickly and smartly to the highest quality, purpose-built cloud environments has become a requirement to gain competitive advantage.  

This is part of what makes me excited about Velocity. As large enterprises accelerate their workload migration to an optimized hybrid approach, the best Cloud Service Providers need to be trusted advisors, knowledgeable about the benefits of each cloud structure—private, public and partnered approaches. That's where Velocity shines!