04 APRIL 2016 / BLOG



It’s very likely you have been using EDI  (Electronic Data Interchange) for years, in your everyday business transactions. Although EDI is not a new technology, it remains an important collaboration method between business trading partners. Proper implementation of EDI compliance with vendors and customers can ease automated business transactions with a high degree of data accuracy and efficiency.

The Value of Standard or Customized Solutions

Infor M3’s E-collaborator (MEC) is the tool set for managing EDI inbound and outbound transactions. Infor delivers various standard formats of EDI MEC maps. The standard M3 EDI can be customized to fit specifications customers and trading partners require in order to incorporate North American marketplace functionalities.

Velocity Methodology makes EDI Integration Easy

Velocity’s implementation approach includes a proven methodology incorporated into our EDI strategy. Over the past 18 years, we have expertly developed a toolbox of templates, processes and procedures specifically for our Infor M3 practice and customers.

Velocity’s Custom Portal

Velocity’s custom Trading Portal web solution provides additional benefits to the Customer and the Trading Partner that go beyond the standard solution.

These customer benefits include:

  • B2B (Pre-registered users)

  • Shipping addresses

  • Order entry

  • Order status follow-ups

  • Self serving order documents

  • No additional M3 license is required

  • Flexible solutions for customers lacking EDI capability

The custom Supplier or Trading partner benefits are as follows:

  • B2B (Pre-registered users)

  • Purchase order confirmation

  • ASN

  • Transportation notification  

Business Benefits realized by the custom web portal are found with the following ROI:

  • Reduce your manpower requirements for order entry and management or free up resources for other value added tasks

  • Your trading partners will get timely updates of their orders

  • Increased collaboration with your partners

The Velocity Trading Portal uses the web portal as a grid application for easy management from the Infor Grid and LCM. The user interface remains simple, easy to use and is designed with multi-language capability. The data is delivered and updated safely and directly via the M3 API and web services to assure system integrity and performance. The portals are accessible anywhere from any device (tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac, etc.). Finally, the portals are designed with consideration for future expansion to more complex functionality.  

To discover, explore or demo the capabilities of our custom EDI Integration or Trading Portal, contact us on our website or call us at 1.888.430.9252.