27 JULY 2015 / BLOG



Patty Lestage is a Principal Consultant, HCM Infor LOB and been working with Infor products for over 5 years.  Her primary focus is Human Capital Management with expertise in Talent Management.

Talent Management is a fully integrated, highly configurable, global solution for the complete employee life cycle.  

Infor offers a comprehensive Talent Management solution that provides access to the following modules:

  • Global HR:  Position Budget Manager, Health and Safety Management and Employee Relations

  • Compensation Management

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Competency Management

  • Performance Management

  • Goal Management

  • Learning and Development

  • Succession Management

Talent Management is fully integrated

Many organizations use multiple third-party vendors to fulfill their needs of a comprehensive talent management model. One of the biggest challenges with this type of solution is data integration. Employee records often do not match from system to system due to the delay between file updates. A small change to one employee record can result in manual updates to multiple systems.

Because Talent Management is fully integrated, you only need to update the data once. The change is immediate and it accessible by all modules within Talent Management at the same time.

Talent Management is highly configurable

Say goodbye to customizations. With Talent Management you can configure anything from a field label to an entire page.  No need for multiple points of entry, as user-defined fields can now be added to forms, pages and even actions.  You can also modify list views for easy ad-hoc reporting at the click of a button.

Talent Management allows for process automation

Have you ever thought to yourself, there has to be a better way to complete this manual and time-consuming process? Now there is. 

Talent Management offers over 100 delivered process flows. Automating talent management processes and forms will save your HR department significant time and resources that otherwise can be used to focus on strategic and value added initiatives.

A fully integrated, highly configurable, automated Talent Management model will not only solve the issues mentioned above, but will also allow your organization to stop worrying about data integrity and start focusing on aligning individual goals with corporate strategy.

To gain further understanding of the Talent Management system, an explanation of configuration and security benefits using Talent Management, view our 30 minute webinar on demand. If you’re interested in learning more about Infor Talent Management and how it can benefit your organization, please contact your Customer Program Manager (CPM) or Customer Account Executive (CAE) . You can also contact us here.