We’re in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, bringing with it new possibilities for technology across industries and at every level of the workforce. As such, it’s a great time to replace outdated Windows Mobile devices with purpose-built rugged Android devices. From hospital supply rooms to the warehouse receiving dock, equipping your teams with cutting edge point-of-use devices can maximize productivity, increase accuracy, enable better technical support, and improve digital security so your organization is prepared for the future.

How old are your organization’s devices?

Chances are, your organization relies on mobile technology to track and optimize the movement of materials throughout the facility. The older those devices are, the less reliable they are in ensuring the seamless flow of inventory and assets across your facilities.

Upgrading to newer devices is about more than just keeping up with the latest technology. If you’re relying on older devices, you aren’t leveraging technology to its maximum potential. A new generation of workforce mobility solutions, powered by the Android operating system, promises to deliver valuable and cost-effective improvements across your organization. And, mobile software updates will be built to accommodate the benefits and features of Android and all touch environments, further making usage of Windows Mobile devices even more outdated.

Faster speeds & better connections

Hospital operations never stop moving, and healthcare facilities have no time to waste. You need enterprise software that runs as fast as you do, harnessing the power of high-speed internet connections to meet the specific needs of your workforce and streamline operations.

Newer Android-based devices are built specifically for the needs of a healthcare environment, with medical-grade plastic that can stand up to regular disinfecting and battery life designed to last through an entire shift. Batteries can also be easily switched in and out, with easy access to information regarding battery lifespan to manage devices better and ensure maximum uptime. Devices run on the Windows Mobile operating system are slowed down by a lack of processing power, leading to batteries drained in record time.

Smoother workflows

We live in a fast-paced world, and employee time spent struggling to scan different items is time wasted. Modern devices are more ergonomic and natural to hold throughout long shifts, particularly when it comes to scanning. Equipped with modern scan engines, Zebra’s Android devices, for example, utilize innovative scanning technology to capture 1D and 2D barcodes from any angle and on a multitude of different surfaces. Scan times are reduced. A quick wave of a barcode scanner over all the labels on a package will capture them all — no more time wasted on repetitive scans.

Choosing the right partner

Technology makes many tasks easier, but it requires a complicated ecosystem of hardware, software, and support to run at its most efficient. Choosing a proven and directly linked partner to Lawson assures a smooth and elegant integration of enterprise solutions into your business.

An experienced integrator will ensure that your Android devices are ready to go right out of the box. They will preconfigure the applications, network settings, and more to meet the unique needs of your organization. New devices are quickly provisioned by simply scanning a QR code. Device training and onboarding are also more straightforward as well.

Easy to use

Android is the world’s most popular operating system. Its familiar interface is often easier for consumer-grade smartphone users to understand when learning how to use it for the first time. No more green screens. A sophisticated and durable touchscreen replaces the traditional keypad, allowing workers to get tasks done more accurately and in less time.

Built to last

Enterprise-grade devices are designed to last, lessening the cost of maintenance as well as the burden on your organization’s IT department. Instead of the two-year lifecycle associated with many consumer devices, enterprise-grade devices boast a lifecycle that ranges from five to seven years. All-encompassing tech support coverage is a must-have today, providing quick device repairs or replacements and necessary software updates. Support for Windows Mobile is no longer available.

Stand up to security challenges

In our increasingly digital world, security is of the utmost importance, and healthcare organizations are more vulnerable than they might think. Windows Mobile has reached its end of life and ongoing security updates, and patches are no longer available. A single security breach could force an organization to purchase and implement new Android-based devices immediately, without allowing adequate time for careful budgeting, planning and training.

Check out these findings from the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report[1]:

  • 67% of all security breaches come from three attack types:
    credential theft, errors and social attacks
  • 27% of malware incidents are ransomware
  • 43% of breaches involved web app attacks
  • 17% of breaches were caused by an error

Replacing outmoded technology is particularly imperative for the many organizations still employing legacy Windows Mobile devices, for which Microsoft ended support in early 2020. Not only are they missing out on exponential increases in processing power, but they will also miss out on important security updates to keep your organization’s information safe.

Preparing for a post-pandemic future

The added impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the value of switching to a new standardized suite of mobile devices. Post-pandemic, healthcare supply chains are under heavy scrutiny. Increased visibility across the organization’s operations can help meet future challenges.

Though it may seem like a big investment that can wait, it can’t. Upgrading your mobile devices now can save money in terms of employee downtime while standardizing and future-proofing your organization’s enterprise technology. With faster processing speeds and more intuitive user experience, new Android devices can help healthcare organizations spend more time focused on achieving their mission and less time maintaining enterprise technology.

It’s time to make the switch

Enterprise devices need to be right for your people, the environment they work in and the organization. Find out how to get the right balance. Zebra Technologies and our trusted partners can help you get the insights you need to make the right decision now and into the future. We help forward-looking organizations of all sizes transform their operations by deploying creative, sustainable new technology solutions that solve unique and difficult challenges.