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Virtually Eliminate the Burden of Payroll Tax Calculations

Available for your Convenience in the BSI multi-tenant Cloud

TaxFactory helps to streamline and enhance your payroll tax processes and virtually eliminates the burden associated with employer and employee tax calculations. This dependable, hard-working single-source solution is available in a multi-tenant cloud and is designed to integrate easily and quickly with your payroll system. TaxFactory automatically responds to the demands of your payroll system, providing tax location and assignment, wage, tax and wage attachment calculations, including reciprocal taxes, IRS qualified benefit plan, and much more.

Infor and BSI Partnership

Lawson partnered with BSI in 1982 to provide customers with U.S. payroll tax solutions that complement their business management system.

As a result, BSI solutions integrate smoothly with Infor applications/software and services, provide common definition points for the U.S. Payroll Tax Genome," and continue to evolve and improve along with the Infor development path.


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