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Are you able to quickly and efficiently provide managers the information they need to understand their spend?

With the Lawson Procurement Reporting Platform its never been easier!

The Dashboard Gear Procurement Reporting Platform is a complete reporting solution which integrates directly with the Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) and Lawson Enterprise Procurement systems. If reporting from Lawson’s Procurement Suite is a challenge, you need to see a demonstration of Dashboard Gear’s reporting and analytical data warehouse. Reporting that took days now takes minutes.

Reporting & Analysis Dimensions

  • Organization Structure

    Your complete Vendor hierarchy including Vendor Groups, Vendor Classes, Vendors, and Vendor Locations.

  • Vendors

    You select the Companies, Process Levels, and Accounting Units to include.

  • Items

    The complete Item hierarchy including Item Groups, Major Classes, Minor Classes, Items, and Item Locations.

  • Periods

    All fiscal years and periods you have available and choose to include down to the day.

  • Buyers

    This includes Buyer Groups and Buyers.

Included Measures

  • Item PO Costs and Quantities – All

  • Transaction and Base Amounts and Quantities

  • Invoice and Actual Costs and Quantities

  • Taxable and Discount Amounts and Quantities

  • Distribution and Paid Amounts and Quantities

  • Percent First Receipt

  • Percent Matched on Cost

Get insight into the true spend of your organization

With Dashboard Gear Procurement Platform you can have spend reporting by vendor, department or buyer in a matter of clicks!


Connect to our data layer with any reporting tool you desire. SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Tableau, Cognos, Infor AppStudio, Microsoft Excel. with Dashboard Gear Reporting Platform you have flexibility and scalability of your reporting environment.

A cleaner and quicker view into your Infor / Lawson Procurement data!


The Dashboard Gear data warehouse works with standard tool sets such as LBI, Crystal Reports, MS Excel, etc.

Our data warehouse is a unique set of data structures designed to make report creation easy. You may never have to do another table join! Slice and dice item PO cost, item invoice cost, item quantities, percent first receipt, percent matched on cost, etc. by vendor, buyer, department, item, etc. with MS Excel in seconds! If the complexity of the Procurement table structure, slow performance of Add-in queries, and report contention with the production system are issues, then Dashboard Gear Reporting Platform is the answer.

System Requirements

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The system works with Lawson Procurement 8.x, 9.x and 10.x systems.  The reporting solution requires a Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008r2, 2012 or 2014 system with ODBC/OLEDB connectivity to the source Lawson tables.  The system will require the ability to create a database on the SQL Server environment and take full ownership of that database including the ability to create, drop, and alter tables on that database.

Optionally, if Microsoft Analysis Services Cubes are desired, the requirements of the reporting solution must be met.  In addition, Microsoft Analysis Services and SQL Server Integration Services must be installed and a Local OLAP Administrator user must be available to create Analysis Databases and Cubes.