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We know Business Intelligence because thats all we do.

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Understanding what to look for in the preliminary stages of a Business Intelligence project is a critical factor for success. Understanding source data and how it is stored is as important as understanding the principles of data warehousing , OLAP or data visualization.

At Dashboard Gear we have the experience to ask the right questions at the beginning of your data management project and guide the right discussions to be sure all pertinent information is extracted at the outset and not discovered in the later phases of your project.

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Business Intelligence and data mining projects are unique in the planning phase . These types of projects straddle the fence between IT and functional departments. Bridging that gap in knowledge and communication will ensure you are prepared for any eventuality.

At Dashboard Gear we hold this blended technical/function skill set as a core principle. Our team is as comfortable in the server room as they are in the CEOs office.



Finding the right resources is never easy. We have culled the best Business Intelligence consultants and developers, combining project and implementation expertise specifically in Business Intelligence, with the soft skills required to communicate technical concepts to a functional audience and functional concepts to the technical audience.

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From basic report development to conversion from legacy to ERP systems to data warehouse development, we are well versed in all things data. Dashboard Gear helps our clients implement a user-friendly analytical platform that allow users at all levels of expertise get the most out of their BI solution. Our experience spans all industries and countless platforms.

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Knowledge Transfer

Another core principle at Dashboard Gear is Knowledge Transfer. We recognize that no matter how great a solution or product we put in place at a customer, if we do not empower the resources to support the solution going forward, we are not doing our job. Each engagement is concluded with our meticulous documentation and hand over tasks.