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  • Birst-ing with Information: 5 BI and Analytics Sessions to Add to Your Inforum 2019 Schedule
    Birst is again a headliner at this year’s Inforum conference. It is no surprise – the C-suite agenda is putting greater emphasis on data-driven d...
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  • Scaling a mountain? Take a coat - and a good guide!
    One of my favorite analogies to illustrate the complexity of planning for an analytics implementation is to compare it with setting off to climb Mt. E...
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  • The Ultimate Profile: Truly Understanding Your Customer
    Why is the profile so important?  More than just demographics, the profile can help you better understand your audience, it can help people find each ...
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  • Why Is Improving Customer Experience (CX) Urgently Essential for Your Business?
    There is a strong correlation between Customer Retention and a positive Customer Experience, and an even more direct correlation between Customer Chur...
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  • SAP Cloud for Analytics: Tilting at Windmills
    Back in the early 2000s when I was running marketing at Business Objects, Gartner’s then-lead BI analyst, Howard Dresner (known as the father of BI ...
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