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    RPI Consultants
    At RPI, we seek to form mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We solve specific business problems through strategic intervention when and where it’s needed, without requiring long-term commitments from our clients. Our team-based approach allows us to leverage the best resources on a task-by-task basis, never parking a consultant on-site to wait for something to do. We work with our clients to identify cost-effective options such as remote work to minimize travel and downtime costs, cutting-edge technologies to reduce unnecessary effort, and internal specialists that more efficiently complete skill-specific tasks. We pride ourselves in providing clients with the most “bang for the buck”. Our refreshing approach delivers results on time, under budget, and right the first time.
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    TEAMabsolute is a software and technology service provider with 800+ customers, ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 companies in North America and around the world. Our seasoned, best-in-class consultants help our customers strategize, implement, and upgrade their business applications and operations on time and within budget. As a proven and trusted advisor, we help them realize the promise of their technology investments. We take pride in offering additional value to our customers with our unique solutions and innovative products, such as our: MIGRATE.S3, TRANSFORM.S3, TRANSFORM.S3, ARCHIVE.S3, DEPLOY.S3, TotalCloud Solution, and Managed Services.