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Fri, July, 30th 2021

DIRTY LAUNDRY! We’ve all been there--we get busy and that laundry pile just grows and grows. You and your family members struggle to find something to wear and end up disappointed when you search and find that favorite outfit is in the hamper! Then it takes a big time commitment to get it all sorted, washed, dried, and put away. You may be asking, “Why is an #Infor ERP Read more... #implementation partner talking about dirty laundry?” Well, it’s a great everyday analogy for what goes on with your system! Bails has posted recently about those monthly code updates: what information is published, where to find it, and which specific Knowledge Base Articles you can subscribe to. But how do you ensure the busy folks in your organization can stay on top of the updates…and not allow them to pile up like—you guessed it—dirty laundry! Here are a few tips:
· The “What’s New” docs are nicely categorized--assign specific ones to several of the right folks in your organization.
· Have them review the docs EARLY. Subscribing to the KB articles will help them get a jump-start.
· Have a regular monthly meeting among responsible parties to share highlights.
· Update your internal documentation.
Please share your tips in the comments…for CUs or laundry! #MonthlyCUs #Infor #Bails #InforPartner #NoMoreDirtyLaundry
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Fri, March, 24th 2017

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