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Fri, June, 4th 2021

Still got FOMO? Last week we told you about how to link to FREE Infor Release training through KB2161846 out on Infor Campus. Did you link to it and sign up for email updates when new Release Training videos are made available? Once you’ve checked out the article and associated videos, let us know what you think about them:
• Express your Like, Love, Celebration, or Curiosity for these RTs.
• Share this post to spread awareness and encourage Infor to continue these types  Read more...of videos in the future.
• Comment if a video was of particular interest to you…and be sure to let us know which one!
• Send us a message if you’d like more information on any of the products in the KB and/or more in-depth training related to them.
• Follow us if you’d like to keep hearing about how to stay up to date with new functionality…or if you’re thinking about an implementation in the future.

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Wed, June, 2nd 2021

Still got FOMO? Did you link to KB2161846 and sign up for email updates when new Release Training videos are made available? Let us know what you think about the articles and videos. Questions or training needs? Contact Bails! #FOMO #ReleaseTraining #Infor #Bails Read more... #InforPartner https://t.co/aA3CDtywqg Show less...
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Fri, May, 28th 2021

FOMO, anyone? What if your team isn’t just suffering from the FEAR of missing out? What if they actually ARE missing out? Infor recently said that they aren’t seeing as many people take advantage of their free release trainings as expected. These trainings are summarized in a single KB article and are very easy to find once you know where they are! Ensure that you and your #ERP team members never miss out on FREE training for the  Read more...following #Infor products:
• Infor Landmark Technology Runtime (#Landmark)
• Infor HR Talent – Formerly known as Global Human Resources & Talent Management (#GHR, #TM)
• Infor HR Analytics – Formerly known as GHR Analytics
• Infor Financials & Supply Management – Formerly known as CloudSuite Financials (#FSM, #CSF)
• Infor Financials & Supply Management Analytics – Formerly known as CloudSuite Analytics (FSM BI Analytics)
• Infor Financials & Supply Management Birst Analytics (FSM Birst Analytics)
• Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management (#MSCM)
You can link to the article regarding Release Training available on Infor Campus: KB 2161846. While you’re there, be sure and sign up to receive email updates when new Release Training videos are made available! #FOMO #ReleaseTraining #Infor #Bails #InforPartner
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Wed, May, 26th 2021

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