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  • The 2018 Infor Winter Showcase Visitor's Guide by RPI Consultants
    Again this year RPI Consultants is excited to sponsor the 2018 Infor Winter Showcase in St. Paul, MN. For those attending, we would like to help you g...
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  • Infor Xi Platform: A Primer
    An Infor Xi Platform primer. What you should know about Infor CloudSuite Financials and SCM on the Infor Xi technology platform, also known as Infor C...
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  • Infor Lawson Spring Break Webinars by RPI - Meet the Presenters!
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  • Schedule a Meeting at AHRMM with RPI's SCM Consulting Leader, Stephanie Kowal
    Mrs. Kowal, certified in Lawson's Procurement Suite, has over five years of experience working in materials management, process improvement, and proje...
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  • Cloud Computing Is Transforming Supply Chain Management
    Although cloud technology has been around for almost 20 years, supply chain professionals are relatively hesitant to migrate their systems. Paul Smith...
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  • Supply Chain Outlook Summit: Supply Chain Sustainability
    Supply Chain Management Professor John Bell expects globally-sustainable supply chains to take center stage in 2016 and beyond. Is your supply chain r...
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  • 3 Strategies to Improve Healthcare Supply Chain Management
    The evolution and progression of supply chain and reimbursement tactics and procedures within the healthcare industry serves as a keen focal point req...
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