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Tue, May, 2nd 2017

Is anyone able to answer @LindaWernsing? #SCM #SupplyChain #Question #Infor #Lawson
The following message was shared by @Claire_Florin (Claire Florin)
25 Days ago
Prior to upgrading to Infor 10 we used to use IC21 to make inventory adjustments. At the end of the month our General Ledger balance always matched to the IC234 Inventory Report. During the upgrade, it was suggested by our consultant that we should use IC24 instead of IC21 to make our inventory adjustments. We discovered that using IC24 caused differences between the General Ledger and the inventory reports. We tested and found that IC24 adjusted inventory for one amount and posted a  Read more...different amount to the GL but we were never able to figure out why. We discontinued using IC24 and went back to using IC21. We didn't seem to have further out of balance issues until this past month (April) where we discovered we were out of balance between the GL and the IC234 for another $70,000.

We are unsure why this is happening. We've done some review of data and can't really see where there are any quantity or pricing issues. Has anyone had issues with the GL not balancing to the IC234 in version 10? Looking for someone that has some insight on how we can identify what's causing these issues.  Show less...

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Fri, October, 14th 2016