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  • Add Your Company Logo to Ming.le
    Your organization may wish to brand your Infor Ming.le site by adding a custom logo to the site. Infor Ming.le 10 and 11 offer this possibility, altho...
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  • URL to Open Lawson from Ming.le
    Sometimes users would like to go directly to Lawson through Ming.le, rather than clicking on the Lawson Icon (globe). To help users with this require...
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  • How to tell which version of Ming.le you are using
    Sometimes when you are troubleshooting issues with Ming.le, your support technician will ask which version of Ming.le you are using, Enterprise or Fou...
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  • How to Implement SSL for Lawson Portal
    If you haven’t already done so, implementing SSL after the install is a bit of a black art. Without going into gory detail, here’s a very simple s...
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