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The mission of this group is to bring all Healthcare related news into one group. Otherwise known as, a special interest group. This is a place for all user groups and vendors to collaborate on a specific industry.

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Health information exchanges are one of the strategies healthcare organizations have employed to improve interoperability. #healthcare
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The inaugural class of Top 25 Innovators found new ways to engage consumers, improve quality of care and lower costs. #healthcare #Top25 #MHInnovators
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#Outliers: As football fans gird for the #NFL to kick off its 100th season, there’s some sobering news about the players who have left the field. #healthcare
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#Commentary: "America's hospitals must collaborate to be prepared for the worst situations." Michael Wargo is vice president of emergency preparedness at HCA Healthcare. #healthcare #GunViolence #MassShootings
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Executive Director of Medical Affairs at Stamford Health, Ritu Jain, implemented a mobile program to capture data on physician spend. @StamfordHosp #MHInnovation #top25innovators #healthcare
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#BreakingBias: "I have learned that getting there is only half the journey." @MichelleneEsq @RWJBarnabas breaks it down to #7points #diversityandinclusion #healthcare
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CEOs for the eight largest publicly traded insurers saw total compensation climb 14.4% in 2018. #healthcare #CEOs #FocusThisWeek #ExecutiveCompensation
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Over four years, 82% of patients were able to avoid an ED or inpatient admission within three days of the home visit saving $1,900 roughly per ED visit. Dr. John Loughnane created @CCA_Mass's Mobile Integrated Health program. #MHInnovators
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Top 25 #MHInnovator President and CTO of @CloverHealth @andrewtoy, has focused on seniors living with complex health issues and developed a risk-scoring process that monitors patients and helps clinicians develop personalized care plans. #healthcare
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#Outliers: What can working in the unpredictable ICU prepare you for? Mady Howard says it helped train her to be a ninja warrior. #healthcare
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With a few exceptions, top-level healthcare executives continue to see big gains in compensation, a trend at odds with the industry’s push for cost control and accountability. #healthcare #executivecompensation #CEOs
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Q&A: Mayo Clinic CFO Dennis Dahlen says consumers need information that’s “actually helpful,” in determining their out-of-pocket expenses. #healthcare
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#InteractiveChart: As #nursing shortages hit the Southern and Western U.S., health systems are turning to new tech tools to improve recruitment, retention and education. #healthcare
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An emergency medicine physician, Dr. Matthew Kaufman got tired of seeing patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities being shipped off to the emergency department for non-emergency cases, so he founded @StationMD. #healthcare #MHInnovators
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For the third time in four years, chief executives in the healthcare field led the S&P 500 in terms of total compensation. #healthcare #FocusThisWeek #CEOs #ExecutiveCompensation
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