Fri, June, 1st 2018

Has anyone figured out a way to allow management of workouts from within an inbasket? Lets say you have AP clerks who want to delete, cancel or restart Invoice Approval workunits ....instead of giving them access to process administrator - it would be great if they could manage the workunits right from within the inbasket. Thoughts? Thank you, Chris
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Hi Chris - You would have to build this logic within the flow and basically create a "Restart" or "Cancel" action. In order to make that work, you would have to have every approval level also be assigned to the AP Clerk task. That would however, also allow the actual approver to perform that task. You could then also build in additional logic to check to see "who" hit the "Restart" or "Cancel" actions and loop back with a message letting the  Read more...user know they were not authorized to perform those actions. Just a few thoughts... Show less...