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Mon, October, 31st 2016


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Has anyone successfully interfaced Lawson with a scheduling system?

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Posting this question on behalf of @StevenSchaumleffel who posted in the MWLUG LinkedIn Group. Please respond or pass along to someone who may have an answer. #DigitalConcourse #MWLUG #SCM Read more... #SupplyChainManagement Show less...
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Do you mean a job scheduling system or something else?
What information would you be interfacing?
We use stored procedures to extract information out of Lawson and send to outside systems. This would be valid companies, accounting units, accounts and activities. Those systems are coded to only accept valid coding block information and it keeps the interfaces back to Lawson cleaner.
Thanks @BeckyPries I've contacted @StevenSchaumleffel that you responded to him. #MWLUG #AskAQuesiton