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Thu, August, 29th 2019


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PR160 from ST/MT Hybrid to MHC Doc Express

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I am in the process of re-implementing MHC Document Express.

We are currently single-tenant V9 without any issues.

We are moving to multi-tenant for HCM and FSM, and payroll is moving to V10 single-tenant. Today, I have access to the v9 output (PR160, AP161, etc) but in v10 we can no longer do that.

I'm running into issues with PR160 v10, we have written an IPA to run the job and move the output to a local share so that MHC can pick it up but we haven't  Read more...been successful yet.

What is everyone else doing to get their file outputs from ST v10 with MT HCM and FSM?  Show less...
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Clarification: Is the problem getting from ST v10 to your MT HCM & FSM or is the problem the v10 data format not being able to be read by HCM & FSM?
Where does MHC Document Express fit into the picture? Are you using them "in between" LSF and HCM & FSM?

My understanding is that they are normally an endpoint or external point (depending on your configuration).
We are doing what I believe you explained. Our tech team calls it a file channel. But we have one extra step because any file going in or out has to go through our enterprise SFTP server first.
We also have several Cloud clients who move files from the Lawson or Landmark servers to an internal file share using the FTP node in IPA. Can you give some more details on where you are experiencing the issue, or any error messages you are receiving?