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Fri, October, 11th 2019


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New W4s for Hosted Infor clients

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Does anyone have any knowledge of what Infor and BSI are doing about the new W4s and if anything is ready to test yet for hosted clients?
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Hello Amy - I reached out to BSI and they will be contacting you this afternoon.
Amy, we are currently working on the new 2020 W-4 which will be available by year-end in our TaxProfileFactory product. BSI TaxProfileFactory is a Cloud-Based employee portal for payroll tax profile & forms management which your employees access via single sign-on (SSO) through Infor Employee Self Service. You can learn more about this product by visiting our website Read more... or by simply giving me a call at 770-449-3200 ext.155 or Show less...
We don't allow our colleagues access to their W4 in ESS, but we were wondering if there was something Lawson was doing to change their process and/or fields based on the changes to the W4 when they are keyed in the PR13.1. And will that come out in a patch or maybe in the Year End bundle of patches?
Thank you for your help!@matthewpeck 😉
I am sure we are in communication with Infor over this; we cooperatively work together. TaxProfileFactory automatically updates the PR13.1 fields with changes so we need them to have the correct fields in place for us to dump the data. You probably answered your own question; any new or changed fields will probably be released by Infor in a patch sometime between now and year end (hopefully)