Tue, February, 18th 2020

How Does My Local Lawson SWUG User Group Benefit Me And Why Should I Attend User Group Meetings?
Here are the answers….

*Get and share ideas on Lawson Best Practices for the current products in my company.
*Learn about the future state of my products and Infor Lawson’s roadmap of the products that I own.
*Learn about all new Infor Lawson products and services that can be beneficial to my company for the future.
*More one on one conversations with Infor  Read more...and vendor experts and making face to face connections.
*Networking with my peers and establishing new peer connections.
*Discuss my future projects and get new ideas from experts and peers.

Remember Early Bird Registration ends today 2/18/2020. There is still time to register and take advantage of early bird prices. P.S. Register before February 19th, and you will be entered into a drawing for a $300 CASH PRIZE!! Click Here to  Show less...
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