Tue, April, 21st 2020

PO100 Enhancement Request - Please review and Endorse

Wellspan Health has added the following Enhancement Request to Infor.

Please review the data below, Log in to Infor Consierge and Endorse ER52859. Direct Link:

Modify PO100 creation of PO line MMDist info when Combine on PO  Read more...Line = Yes

When combine line is set to Yes for a non I-type item and the interfaced Requisition line is NOT combined with another line
MMDist records that USED TO BE set at 100% are now created as a Quantity Distribution with the order Quantity input.

When lines are edited or quantities cancelled, this requires the end user to access and update the MMDIST record in order to release the revision.

We're requesting Infor to change the default so that a single non I type Requisition line is created in PO20 with an MMDIST record at 100% instead of the Quantity set to match the PO line.  Show less...
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