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Mon, October, 16th 2017


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Are you using Zebra (formerly Motorola/Symbol) MC75A0 or MC55A0 handheld devices?

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Both devices are end of life. If you have quesetions or need assistance through the transition, please feel free to reach out to me direct.
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We have the 75A but have a large stockpile of devices as Epic went to an IOS based handheld. Does anyone know if Infor is any closer to an IOS? Or if the Android version is live anywhere?
Kat, sorry for the delayed response. Infor does have an upgrade path to Android, but not on iOS at this time. Send me an email at cgross@abetech, and we can discuss in more detail. We can assist with the information and transition to Android, and also get you money back on the MC75 stockpile. Thanks in advance.