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Wed, March, 23rd 2022


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Does anyone have a CloudSuite EDI 810 Credit Memo touchless process

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RPI just did a killer training for another customer and told them how they can get credits to come through EDI successfully! The credits need to be sent by the vendor with the appropriate Handling Code (Expense Invoice, not Match) and Invoice Type of C for Credit, and they need an ED40.1 record setup to accept Credits from all vendors like below:

ED40.1 Form: List Name Field: L1_I_INVOICE_Type, Lawson Value Field: C, External Value Field: CR

Hope this helps!
Thank you for answering this question!
Thank you so much DJ - could you please confirm this is for CloudSuite, not Lawson, since you had referenced Lawson in your response. Really appreciate it! Jim
I can have the answer to you on Monday, sorry for the delay
Appreciate it DJ - Have a nice weekend.
Good Morning James....the process I provided to you was for v10 but it should also work for CloudSuite as well. A few things have changed with ED40 set ups, but the basic functionality is the same.
Good morning DJ - Appreciate the help - Have a great day! Jim
Hello DJ - Thanks again for your EDI 810 CM process help. Discovered the CloudSuite's current version EDI CM processing only processes qty overage Credit memos, not any other type of credit memo i.e. damaged goods, incorrectly order goods, etc. Do you know how organizations are processing those type of EDI 810 CM's? Appreciate it! Jim
Is there any special setup for credits for Service items? Also, since these are EXP invoices, how does the Distribution default in? Do they have to be worked in MA54?