Welcome to LGUG.net

We have been working on this new version of LGUG.net for the last year and a half and are proud to be able to share this with you at this time.  For almost 13 years. the original Digital Concourse served the Lawson community delivering tens of thousands of events, surveys, and collaborations.  In addition, millions of communications have also been processed.

When we started...

When we started, the concept of collaboration was not very well known.  Over the years, and most specifically the last few years have brought a sea change to business and so the social revolution began.  Today just about every business dempgraphic uses social collaboration in one form or another.  Mostly at the consumer level.  The time has come to deliver a new level of functionality that reflects our audience's new understandings and expectations.  It's time for functionality to be beautiful and technically elegant.