Loyalty can be a good thing, although it can also be bad and what I mean by that is when wanting to be loyal you might be losing money because you trust the business. Business is just business and everyone is trying to make money just like you. Have I confused you? Good. Hear me out…I just had a AHA experience and had to share to help protect others like me trying to run a successful smart business.

When running a business, you look to people that you trust, that will help take care of your business. It is also important to develop long-term business relationships over years so the trust continues to grow. Although, think again! There are companies that think you won’t look anywhere else and charge you premium prices because you will pay without questioning.

Something to think about:

New Connections – Always look for opportunities to create new contacts as they may have fresh ideas as well as new introductions to people that you may have never of met if it wasn’t for them.

MyAdvice™: Step out of the crowd meet new people by attending Meetups, stretch your mind and make yourself feel uncomfortable for a moment and you will soon become comfortable meeting new connects to expand your connection. Always look for recommendations, understand the value provided and ask questions.

New Technologies – We all know that there will always be change in technology and you would be a fool to think that there isn’t. You would also be a fool to think that you would waste your time looking for new technology, when you could be saving money.

MyAdvice™: Save your money by investing your time and you may find that the time spent saved thousands and more. I did and was very glad I invested my time!

New Process - There is no need to think that a process should take long or your process is the correct one just because you are familiar with it!

MyAdvice™: Ask others in your field what their process is or the services that they use to compare. Keep in mind that there is always a better way and the will continue to be a better and faster way to get the job done.