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Wed, June, 14th 2023

East Coast Mega 2023
Hosted by Southeast & MRLUG Infor User Groups
Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL
June 22 – 23, 2023

**Open To All Infor Customers**

Looking for a break from the last 3 years of Zoom meetings, Teams calls and Webex's?

We are! That is why Southeast & MRLUG Infor User Groups have invested our time in creating a beneficial meeting to support strategic  Read more...Cloudsuite and Lawson conversations with vendors to answer questions, learn how to better plan for upgrades and connect with their peers.

Grab your sunglasses and get ready to join us as we head back to Florida. That’s right, we are back in person at the Disney Springs Resort Area! Registration is $149/person:

Welcome Reception – June 21, 6-8 pm at the resort - Refreshments provided!
First 100 to register will receive a beautilful beach towel as a gift at check-in
Hear Infor updates from Directors of Product Management
Connect with experts onsite who can offer solutions tailored to your industry
Sessions on Financials & Supply Management, HR Talent, Landmark Technology, Reporting, Lawson V10
Attendees can schedule a 1-hour consulting session at the event with Dashboard Gear founder, Rich Bendickson. Email to claim your timeslot
Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks (June 22 & 23)
This event location is walking distance to Disney Springs
Still want more??? You can add on a RPI Bootcamp for June 21, 2023 to make three full days of content, click here for more RPI Bootcamp information------> SEPARATE REGISTRATION HERE

Use this link for the latest agenda: Show less...
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Tue, April, 21st 2020

PO100 Enhancement Request - Please review and Endorse

Wellspan Health has added the following Enhancement Request to Infor.

Please review the data below, Log in to Infor Consierge and Endorse ER52859. Direct Link:

Modify PO100 creation of PO line MMDist info when Combine on PO  Read more...Line = Yes

When combine line is set to Yes for a non I-type item and the interfaced Requisition line is NOT combined with another line
MMDist records that USED TO BE set at 100% are now created as a Quantity Distribution with the order Quantity input.

When lines are edited or quantities cancelled, this requires the end user to access and update the MMDIST record in order to release the revision.

We're requesting Infor to change the default so that a single non I type Requisition line is created in PO20 with an MMDIST record at 100% instead of the Quantity set to match the PO line.  Show less...
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Mon, November, 4th 2019

Discontinued item status - replenishment and billing (EPIC) - Enhancement needs votes.

Infor has added D status, discontinued items, tracking in IC11, IC12 and IC81. When used, these items can no longer be selected for Purchase Orders, but are not inactive. This allows items to stay valid for billing and replenishment within Lawson.

The fatal flaw, the D status is NOT valid in MSCM. Stock items disappear from the gun and have to be managed in the Lawson modules. Read more...

Please vote log in to Infor Concierge, enter ER39327 and vote to have the D value added to MSCM.

Thank you. Show less...
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Did you get this resolved?
No, Per Lawson, need votes on the Enhancement Request to get it prioritized for inclusion in an upgrade.
Thu, April, 11th 2019

One Scan, Multiple Data Points? Yes, it's possible with Zebra’s SimulScan
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Tue, October, 23rd 2018

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Tue, July, 31st 2018

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Tue, June, 5th 2018

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Wed, May, 30th 2018

10 Considerations for Finding the Right Mobile Device. With so many models, suppliers, configurations and operating systems, making your selection can be difficult. But with the right choice you stand to gain in productivity, efficiency and accuracy.
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Mon, May, 14th 2018

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Mon, January, 15th 2018

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Wed, November, 22nd 2017

Lincoln's Blog | November 2017: Honeywell XL Labels: Protect the Environment and Your Bottom Line
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@ChrisGross - Great Blog, thank you for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving😀!
Mon, October, 16th 2017


Forum Question/Topic:


Are you using Zebra (formerly Motorola/Symbol) MC75A0 or MC55A0 handheld devices?

Categorized as:

Both devices are end of life. If you have quesetions or need assistance through the transition, please feel free to reach out to me direct.
Supply Chain Management
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We have the 75A but have a large stockpile of devices as Epic went to an IOS based handheld. Does anyone know if Infor is any closer to an IOS? Or if the Android version is live anywhere?
Kat, sorry for the delayed response. Infor does have an upgrade path to Android, but not on iOS at this time. Send me an email at cgross@abetech, and we can discuss in more detail. We can assist with the information and transition to Android, and also get you money back on the MC75 stockpile. Thanks in advance.
Mon, June, 26th 2017

Check out our latest Blog topic on labeling: The Consequences of Incorrect Bar Codes and Labels
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Check out our Blog from June 02, 2017: Why You Should Be Using RFID
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