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MHC's integrated solutions keep Infor CloudSuite and Infor Lawson standard and include customized document output, bank interface, document imaging, OCR, workflow, web forms, and self-service solutions.

An Infor Complementary partner, MHC is known for dedication to helping customers succeed.


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12000 Portland Avenue South
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Wed, May, 3rd 2023

Is there a link to the webinar?
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Sat, April, 1st 2023

WEBINAR: AP Automation Success in 2023 – Avoid These 10 Simple Mistakes
Wednesday | April 19 | 1 PM CT
Presenter: Mary Schaeffer, AP Now

You and your team have put a lot of work into getting all parties on board for your new automation program. Don’t blow it by making a silly mistake, one that could have easily been sidestepped with just a little bit of planning. You’d be surprised just how often this happens. That’s why MHC recruited Mary Schaeffer, founder of  Read more...AP Now, to put together this special program to make sure you don’t fall into any of these easily-avoidable potholes. We want your program to be a success.

Please join us on April 19, for an in-depth conversation as we identify the ten factors that can separate a successful automation from a disastrous one. And it’s all within your reach.

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Fri, March, 31st 2023

The days are longer. The birds are chirping. The flowers are blooming. And that can only mean one thing...

🌷It's time for the G2 Spring 2023 report!🐦

We look forward to these reports each season, excited to see where we've succeeded and using this information to build a path to a stronger MHC. Using reviews from actual users, the G2 report gives us a good view into what we're doing well and what we could be doing better. After all, for us, it's all about the  Read more...customers!

MHC is so happy to announce that we've been recognized as a leader and high performer in this season's G2 report, having been awarded a total of 27 badges! Read more about the awards and how our CEO, Gina Armada, feels about these accolades.
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Mon, March, 20th 2023

In a tough economic climate, it's going to be your workforce that keeps you afloat. You want to be prepared by recruiting the best and brightest #accountspayable talent. And then you want to make sure that talent feels fulfilled and committed to the mission of your business.

Perfect timing: Professor Rocco Lueck's class is now in session! 🍎

Join us on Wednesday March 29th at 12PMCT for a free  Read presentation on just how to plan a successful recruitment and retention strategy that will have your organization winning in a competitive labor market.

MHC will also be providing 1 CEU (via IOFM) for those who attend! Show less...
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Thu, February, 23rd 2023

Eric Lopez 🇺🇸 - Shared w/ Group: MHC
Sharing a question from Jerry Anhut
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The following message was shared by @ericlopez (Eric Lopez 🇺🇸)
1 Year, 3 Months ago

Forum Question/Topic:


MT Client trying to link out to MHC

Categorized as:

When linking out of GHR Employee Pay page, we are getting this error for any URL: The current URL does not have an Angular Route defined. We set the XiEmployeeMenu Pay link to link to https://.

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Tue, January, 31st 2023

We're already a whole month into 2023. As an AP leader, aren't you curious what you NEED to know to have a successful year? You still have time to catch up... and we have some thoughts!

Click here to discover the rest of the trends we see coming down the train track of 2023. 🛤️
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Wed, January, 18th 2023

It's simple... we don't know what this coming year will bring. Pundits and financial experts have made some predictions that have spooked organizations across the globe. How can you ensure that your organization is in a good spot to ride out this rough economic weather?

Only one week left to join us for this free one-hour webinar featuring accounts payable expert, Mark Brousseau! Learn how AP can be the center of an action plan that prepares your company for all that 2023 might  Read more...throw at us! Show less...
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Mon, December, 19th 2022

The holidays bring feelings of warmth and gratitude. And nothing makes us more thankful than learning how our customers feel about MHC.

G2 has released it's Winter 2023 report and MHC has been recognized in 23 grid reports, earning a total of 13 badges. We are so proud of the progress we've made in the past year and look forward to another year of continued innovation, streamlined implementation, and top-tier customer support!

Read more on how our CEO feels about this  Read more...most excellent honor! Show less...
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Wed, November, 9th 2022

Prepare for 2022 Year-end Tax Document Processing

Tuesday, November 29

12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

Don’t wait! You will blink and it will be January. Your inbox will look worse than your desk and you will be lost in thought wondering how to approach tax season differently next year to avoid the unneeded additional stress and tiresome long days.

MHC offers solutions built to help customers simplify the creation and distribution of their tax  Read more...documents that can be used individually or together to meet your business needs.

Learn three ways to approach simplified tax document delivery this year.

• Create and print your own tax documents
• Allow employees and vendors access to an online self-service document portal
• Completely outsource your tax document processing (take it off your list!)

If you are overwhelmed with year-end responsibilities and the addition of tax regulatory deadlines, a great way to get time back is to go digital and outsource any remaining print processing.

Take control and join this webinar to learn ways to give yourself time back.

Registration link:  Show less...
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Thu, November, 3rd 2022

Leading Teams to AP Automation Success (Webinar)

Tuesday November 8, 2022 12:00pm CT

One can say that teams are the basic structure of people for the completion of projects and tasks worldwide. However, if your organization is going through a significant change management effort, such as automation, you may have noticed that those teams that appear to be high performing have a different level of camaraderie during change.

A key characteristic seen in a  Read more...high-performing team is cohesiveness. In this webinar we will discuss the importance of understanding the different personalities in the workplace, the stages of team development, the importance of emotional intelligence, and how to effectively resolve conflict so that you can take a multi-facet approach to team cohesiveness.

During this presentation, you'll learn: 

* How high-performing teams lead to effective implementations

* The characteristics of high-performing teams

* How to use DiSC personality profiles, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and team development models to increase cohesiveness on your team

Registration link:  Show less...
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Wed, September, 28th 2022

Your Organization’s Payments Might Cost You More Than You Think

Late payments. Inefficient processes. Human errors. These are just a few of the pain points that can plague accounts payable departments. The subsequent costs can really add up. Every organization has room for improvement, but it can be hard to know where to start. What should be your focus? Who will be impacted? What are the best substitutes for paper checks? How can you get internal buy-in for making lasting  Read more...changes?

To help get your organization on the path to success, Lynn Larson, a business-to-business payments veteran, will provide a broad perspective of what comprises purchase-to-pay processes, go over the available payment methods, and identify what can trip up an organization in its quest for increased efficiencies and cost savings.

As an AP, finance, or treasury professional, this webinar will equip you to:

• Evaluate current purchase-to-pay processes for common risks and drawbacks
• Discuss with your team or management some pros and cons of each payment method
• Identify key questions to address internally when moving toward a payment strategy
• Propose ways to reduce check usage within your organization
• Define roles and primary responsibilities to support successful payment strategy execution

View On Demand
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Tue, September, 6th 2022

Class is in Session: Graduate to Advanced Accounts Payable by Solving Your Biggest Challenges

School is back in session and today’s class is being taught by Brian Rosenberg. With over 20 years of experience in best AP practices and process improvement, Brian previously shared with us some of the greatest challenges accounts payable departments consistently face. Now, you can graduate to the head of the AP class as Brian dives even deeper into this always-fascinating  Read more...topic.   

Sharpen that pencil, open that notebook, and register today to take your AP department to the next level.  Organizations lose money to fraud every year. Many organizations focus exclusively on fraud detection techniques, but few try to utilize fraud prevention strategies.

Registration Link:
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Mon, August, 15th 2022

Fraud Prevention: Techniques to Reducing the Probability of Fraud in Organizations – MHC Webinar

Organizations lose money to fraud every year. Many organizations focus exclusively on fraud detection techniques, but few try to utilize fraud prevention strategies.

This webinar will highlight why it is important for organizations to concentrate on fraud prevention. The webinar will also demonstrate the importance of having fraud policies in an organization, and how not  Read more...having them could cause disruption to the success of preventing fraud.
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Thu, July, 7th 2022

How to Use Metrics and KPIs to Improve Your P2P Processes – MHC Webinar

Metrics matter. Join us for this in-depth overview of how AP and Procure-to-Pay operations can be transformed through metrics. Discover how to determine the right numbers to measure and how to translate that information into action within your department. Learn about leading and lagging indicators, frequent mistakes when using metrics, and examples of commonly used metrics in Procure-to-Pay departments. Read more...

Registration Link:  Show less...
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Thu, June, 16th 2022

Will you be attending the GA-AL LUG virtual meeting?

Join MHC's very own Kyle Hartung and Nick Fritz at 10:10am CT as they present on the future of #apautomation
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