Wed, July, 12th 2023

The Power of In-Person User Group Events and This Is Why...Learning, Innovation, and Networking

This is a GREAT Read and Video:
So, what’s in store? Here’s a list of the next Infor user groups that are on the radar*:

August 16-17, 2023: IMUG In-Person Grand Event (Northfield, MN)
September 22, 2023: Great Lakes User Group In-Person Fall 2023 Meeting (Chicago, IL)
October 19, 2023: MRLUG Fall Meeting (New York, NY)
October 27, 2023: IMSUG  Read more...Fall 2023 Meeting (Nashville, TN)
November 15, 2023: Western Infor User Group Fall Meeting (Boise, ID)

Events like the East Coast Mega Meeting play a critical role in professional development. They serve as a crucible for new ideas and learning, offering a platform for attendees to learn from industry leaders, consulting partners, and each other. They also foster relationships that transcend the confines of the event itself, often resulting in ongoing collaboration and problem-solving.

Furthermore, these gatherings offer an opportunity for professionals to step away from their everyday work environments and see their challenges from new perspectives, guided by the shared wisdom of their peers. From technical know-how to the soft skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of modern business, the value derived from such meetings is immense. Show less...
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