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Wed, May, 6th 2020

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Enhancement Request to Permanently Set Size for PR140 PRDED-DED-Table to 999

I've opened an enchancement request. If you've been running into the same issues, I'd kindly ask that you take a look at the request and endorse it.

Opened Enhacement Request - 55791, Set Size for PR140 PRDED-DED-Table to 999

The PR140 PRDED-DED-Table is currently set at a default of 500. Each time we have a patch that touches the tables/libraries, it overrides the 999 and puts it back to 500. This results in an issue where PR140 does not run and  Read more...therefore interrupts our Payroll process. When you have employees who have been employed with organization for 30+ years, it is very easy to go over that 500 limit. We are not able to purge the records because we require the historical data for other HR purposes.

Work Around
Current workaround is to open a ticket with Infor and have them verify the table size. When a patch is applied, it must either be addressed as part of the install or another ticket must be opened to check the size and change, if necessary.

Proposed Solution
Permanently set size for PR140 PRDED-DED-Table to 999. Show less...
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